Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The other day as I was casually tweeting, I was called a thot. I honestly thought that someone was just ignorant and couldn't construct a simple sentence. "What the hell is a thot?" I asked myself before looking it up. This is what I found; the top two definitions on urbandictionary.com:

1. A Thot is a hoe. Plural: Thotties


 Now, the reason that this random twitter user (who I don't even follow) called me a 'thot' was because I replied to a friend that asked, "Ladies would u rather fuck a guy with great sex who won't call u afterwards or a guy with bad sex that'll stay around?" with "great sex."

Anyone who knows me should know that I'm just not a relationship kind of person. I haven't been in one in over 3 years, and right now I prefer to focus on graduating from college and running my company. I'm sure that one day I'll be in a place where I want all the lovey-dovey ooey-gooey sweetness that comes with a relationship...or maybe I'm just a Samantha and that won't ever happen. Regardless, I stand by my answer. I would rather have a guy who gives me great sex and we don't have to talk afterwards than have a guy who gives me terrible sex and is on my jock all the time.

I'll admit that I did get upset for like, a minute, over being called a hoe. But it's nothing new to me, nor to many women who choose to be open about their sexuality. After that minute of being upset that someone who does not even know me would call me a hoe, I got over it and moved on. But it did get me thinking. Why is it, that in the year 2014, a woman is still considered a 'hoe' if she's not completely chaste in every way? I know men my age who have had sex with over 50 people. At the age of 22, that means they have had sex with an average of 8.33 people every single year since they were 16. Some started earlier, and some started later. That's not to say that I don't know women who have slept with a comparable amount of people.

While I am sexually active, I certainly don't just have sex with every single man I meet. I'm extremely picky about the men I talk to and sleep with. I have a serious problem with the fact that men can be 100% open about their sex lives and nobody bats an eyelash, however the minute a women mentions anything about having sex with anyone other than a man she's in a committed relationship with, she's automatically a hoe. Yet, all men want a women who's a freak in the bed. That freaky-ness doesn't come from having 100% chaste relationships, gentlemen.

Let's not even get started on the issue of how a women dresses and what she gets called for not wearing the most modest of clothing. That's another argument for another day.

All I'm saying is that, I'm 22, I'm 1 year from graduating college, I own my own business, and I love sex. Meanwhile, I've never had a STD or STI. I don't have HIV or AIDS. And I don't have a baby. So I guess if being a normal, sexual person while being successful and careful makes me a hoe...I'm a hoe.